A Tribute To The J.B.'s

“A Tribute To The J.B.’s” – Our second single for Color Red

Les Jeux Sont Funk throws in everything but the kitchen sink in paying homage to some of their favorite funk artists in “A Tribute to the J.B.s.” During a writing retreat in Trento, Italy, the newly expanded group decided to fan the flames of their budding musical chemistry and jam in the styles of The Meters, Shuggie Otis, Roy Ayers, P-Funk, and more. One of the grooves formulated on bass and guitar was augmented by tight hitting drums and touches of Latin jazz horns and it seemed to fall amongst the same lineage as The J.B.s. As the band reflected, they compared the J.B.s to figurative sherpas that helped James Brown climb to the top. Les Jeux Sont Funk penned the crafty title “A Tribute to the J.B.s,” as they were quite literally a funk band rehearsing in the mountains looking to elevate their collective sound to new levels.


Emiliano Tamanini: Trumpet
Lorenzo Sighel: Alto Saxophone
Marco Pisoni: Baritone Saxophone
Carlo Nardi: Electric Guitar, Keyboards, Percussions, Flute
Maurizio Brugnara: Hammond
Michele Bazzanella: Bass Guitar, Sound Effects (Vinyl Record Shaking)
Stefano Malchiodi: Drums

Tracking Engineers: Carlo Nardi, Michele Bazzanella

Mixing Engineer: Carlo Nardi @ SoundMusicProduction.com

Produced by Carlo Nardi and Michele Bazzanella

Mastering Engineer: Doug Krebs @ Doug Krebs Mastering

Artwork: Christopher Ball @ christopherballdesign.com

Learn more about “A Tribute to the J.B.s.” on Color Red Music website: https://color-red.com/products/a-tribute-to-the-j-b-s