Our new EP “Bergweh” is out and up the mountains!

Mountains and mountaineering inspire our new EP Bergweh. It is our second release for Italian indie Irma Records after our debut album Erasing Rock in 2016. More specifically, the title of the EP conjures up a longing for the mountains, a theme that its four songs address from different angles. Just as a mountain looks different depending on the point of observation, passion for the mountains has many sides: an experience beyond one’s own limits, an adventure into the unknown, a search for solitude, environmental care, an escape from the city to a space undefined by the roles and hierarchies of daily life.

Bergweh (IRM 2194)

Bergweh is an effort to translate this passion into sound: by being raised up in the Alps, we have always lived in close contact with the mountains, while simultaneously turning our ears to the cosmopolitan sounds of electronic music and the energy of funk.

The fate of the mountains affects also that of the plains and cities: as a reservoir of water and energy sources, an indicator of the state of the environment, a supply of oxygen and wood, mountains play a crucial role for life on the planet.

Release date: 23/09/2022

Label: Irma Records

1. Bergweh
2. Messner (A Little Bit Higher)
3. Crevasse
4. K2

Carlo Nardi – All instruments (except where indicated below)
Michele Bazzanella – Electric bass and synth solo in “Messner (A Little Bit Higher)”
Artwork: Marco Ricci @ Reifeströmung
Mixing and audio mastering: Carlo Nardi @ SoundMusicProduction
Produced by Les Jeux Sont Funk

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