Bergweh is one of those ingenious German (invented) words that are difficult to translate into a foreign language except through a periphrasis. Along the lines of terms such as Heimweh or Fernweh, it indicates a longing or nostalgia for the mountains. We city dwellers – for Trento is, after all, a city barely above sea level – admire the majesty of the mountains from below, as we walk down the street or look out of a window. On any given day, it is easy to find oneself fantasising about climbing one of these peaks, mentally drawing paths along the walls, imagining the obstacles concealed by a rocky outcrop, planning circular routes. Perhaps, from the top of a peak, we will finally see things in perspective.

The title track from our last EP evokes Seventies vibes, from Stevie Wonder to classics like Maria Muldaur’s “Midnight at the Oasis”. The reinterpretation of that sound in a more contemporary electronic key, while betraying an apparent incongruity, underlines the change of setting: from an oasis in the desert to the Alps, covered – sadly, it is yet unknown for how long – in ice. Yet, in both places water plays a key role.